Proper Care of Dharma Books

Posted on June 3rd, 2014 by Lama Zopa

Dear Dharma Friends,

Attached is an important teaching on the proper care of Dharma books. All of us have Dharma books, but we often don’t know how to care for them in accordance with Dharma. We can accumulate merit through the proper treatment of Dharma materials but also create negative karma due to carelessness. Therefore, I request all Dharma practitioners to keep this instruction in mind.

May all beings be happy!

Lama Zopa


Proper Care of Dharma Books

Dharma books contain the teachings of the Buddha: they have the power to protect against lower birth and to point the way to liberation. Therefore, they should be treated with respect, kept off the floor and places where people sit or walk, and not stepped over. They should be covered or protected for transporting and kept in a high, clean place separate from more ordinary things. If it is necessary to dispose of Dharma materials, they should be burned with awareness and care rather than thrown in the trash. When burning Dharma texts, it is considered skillful to first recite a prayer or mantra, such as Om, Ah, Hung. Then you can visualize the letters of the text to be burned being absorbed into the syllable Ah, and the Ah being absorbed into you. After that you can burn the texts.

­– Quoted from books of Palpung Publications, a branch of Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat, HP, India.