May 2016 Events

Posted on May 30th, 2016 by Laura Roth

During May, Lama Zopa was interviewed by the religion editor for the Times Union, Rob Brill. who asked about how he came to be a Buddhist and our resident Lama. To view the TU article, click the link:

A guide on the path of Dharma – Albany Times Union, 5:14:2016


Saturday, May 21st was Saka Dawa, the full moon day in May when the Birth, Enlightenment, and Parinirvana of the Buddha are celebrated. On this auspicious day there is a special ceremony at Karme Ling retreat center in Delhi, NY, during which the ashes of those who had died during the previous year are interred in the Columbarium. This is the conclusion of the annual three-day Amitabha retreat. A group from Albany KTC came to attend the ceremony on behalf of Lou Ferayorni, our dear friend and cofounder of Albany KTC. After many prayers and the burning of sheets of paper with the names of the deceased as well as others listed by the participants, a procession was formed when relatives and friends carries the urns, made of African granite, into the columbarium. Everyone present crowded in and recited the long Amitabha aspiration prayer.