January 2017

Posted on January 3rd, 2017 by Laura Roth

Highlights for January 2017

Albany KTC will reopen on Tuesday, January 3rd, for Chenrezig. This is the first day of school for students at Doane Stuart. Everyone is encouraged to attend First Light at KTD on January 1st.

Weekend of Jan. 7 & 8th. Unfortunately, Lama Karma Drodul has had to cancel our planned weekend teaching so that he could be available for Khenpo Rinpoche. However, Lama Karma will be able to participate in the Blessing for our new shrine, on Sunday, Jan. 8th, at 2:30PM, to be followed by a reception. In addition, we are able to schedule a Guru Rinpoche Shower of Blessings Tsok on Saturday, January 7th, which is Guru Rinpoche Day. The Tsok will begin at 10AM. This is an offering of the five sense pleasures to Guru Rinpoche and all enlightened beings in which we share. Please bring a vegetarian snack or non-alchoholic drink to share.

On Saturday, Jan. 14th, at 10AM, we will have a long-term planning meeting at Albany KTC. This meeting is open to all who are interested.

Sunday Programs at 11:15AM

Jan. 8th: Book study on The Way of the Bodhisattva, by Shantideva. Chapter 6.

Jan. 15th: Lama Zopa will teach on The Four Immeasurables, continuing the introductory talks.

Jan. 22nd: Lama Zopa will teach on Bodhicitta and the 7-Branch Prayer.

Jan. 29th: Book study on The Way of the Bodhisattva, by Shantideva. Continuation.

Tuesday Programs at 7PM

Jan. 3rd: Chenrezig/Amitabha (Plus: cleaning the shrine room, starting at 5PM)

Jan. 10th: Short Green Tara, etc.    Jan. 24th: Short Green Tara, etc.

Jan. 17th: Chenrezig/Amitabha      Jan. 31st: Chenrezig/Amitabha

Saturday Events

Jan. 7th: Guru Rinpoche Shower of Blessings Tsok, 10AM

Jan. 14th: Long-term Planning meeting at 10AM. Please come and have a voice!

Jan. 21st: Ngondro Group practice for those qualified. Starts at 9:30AM.

Please Note: a donation of $5 by non-members for Sunday teachings is appreciated.