Week Of January 15-21, 2018

Posted on January 15th, 2018 by Laura Roth

Dear Dharma friends,

Tuesday 1/16 7 PM Chenrezig and Amitabha sadhanas
Saturday 1/20 10 AM Ngondro practice for those currently doing Ngondro.  If interested in learning about or starting this practice,  please contact Lama Zopa or email ktc.director@albanyktc.org
Sunday 1/21 Morning Meditation Intensive
  • 9 AM Chenrezig sadhana
  • 10 Shamata (calm abiding meditation) and tonglen (compassion meditation)
  • 11 Second meditation session in lieu of teaching 
Wishing you a blessed and healthy week ahead.
Yours in the Dharma,
Mary Ann Duncan
Only freedom developed on the basis of a realistic view of who we are and how we relate to others can be authentic –  and extended universally to all.  If we acknowledge our interdependence,and take into account the vast networks of interconnections in which our lives and actions are embedded, we will find that our own freedom is inseparable from the freedom of all other people.  When we truly appreciate this fact, we experience  interdependent freedom – a freedom that does not detract from others’ freedom.  This is the freedom that we can all enjoy together without conflict.
The 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinlye Dorje Interconnected: Embracing Life in Our Global Society