Week of April 2-8, 2018

Posted on April 2nd, 2018 by Laura Roth

We are happy to announce that Albany KTC is now offering the Medicine Buddha practice at 9AM on alternating Sundays, starting this week.  
Dear Dharma Friends,
Tuesday 4/3 7PM Chenrezig & Amitabha sadhanas
Saturday 4/7 10 AM – 12 and 2 PM – 4 Dakpo Targyen class for those enrolled
Sunday 4/8
  • 9AM  Medicine Buddha sadhana
  • 10:00 shamata (tranquility meditation) & tonglen (compassion meditation)
  • 11:00  Member’s meeting – all members are encourage to attend; non-members are also welcomed.  Bagels, cream cheese and tea will be provided.
Wishing you a glorious week ahead.  
Yours in the Dharma,
Mary Ann Duncan

In a very real sense our kleshas, our mental afflictions, our delusions are a form of sickness.  The recognition that they are a sickness and problem, and the application of the appropriate remedies to them is the primary intention of the Medicine Buddha practice.  Its point is not to simply heal physical ailments but to heal the subtle habits and the fundamental sickness within our mental continuum…The main point is to recognize our kleshas as sickness, the Dharma as the medicine which can cure that sickness and our teachers, our spiritual friends, as physicians.  
 from a teaching by the 17th Karmapa on the Medicine Buddha,  April 26, 2015 Wappingers Falls, NY,