Posted on June 25th, 2018 by Laura Roth

Dear Dharma Friends

Tuesday 6/26 7 PM Guru Rinpoche Tsok.  A tsok is a powerful purification ritual where we chant and make offerings. Kindly consider bringing a vegetarian snack such as cookies, chips, fruit, nuts or non-alcoholic beverage to share.  
Saturday 6/30 10 AM Ngondro (Note this practice requires permission) 
Sunday 7/1  
  • 9 AM – Medicine Buddha practice
  • 10 AM shamata (tranquility meditation) and tonglen (compassion meditation)
  • 11 – noon Lama Zopa teaching “Why Do We Do Prostrations?
Please come a few minutes before the hour so that we can start our sessions promptly.  Thank you for your consideration.
Wishing you a blessed and joyous week ahead.  May all beings be happy!
Yours in the Dharma,
Mary Ann Duncan
There is no significant division between us and other people, because our basic natures are the same.  If we wish to ensure everyone’s peace and happiness we need to cultivate a healthy respect for the diversity our  peoples and cultures, founded on an understanding of this fundamental sameness of all human beings.
HH the 14th Dalai Lama, from the book “In My Own Words: An Introduction to my Teachings and Philosophy”