July 2018

Posted on July 3rd, 2018 by Laura Roth

Sunday Practices at 9 am: (45 minutes. Please arrive early…practice begins promptly.)

July 1rd: Medicine Buddha

July 8th: Chenrezik

July 15th: Medicine Buddha

July 22th: Chenrezik

July 29th: Medicine Buddha

Every Sunday at 10 am: (45 minutes, followed by tea break):

Meditation: Shamatha (calm abiding), walking meditation, tonglen. ( Please arrive early…practice begins promptly.) Free meditation instruction is available.

Sunday Programs at 11 am: (1 hour. Please arrive early…program begins promptly.)

July 1st: Lama Zopa teaching: “Why do we do Prostrations?”

July 8th: Video teaching: Karmapa: The Three Principal Aspects of the Path (1 of 3). Kagyu Monlam June 2018.

July 15th: Lama Zopa teaching: “Chokhor Duchen (Turning of Wheel of Dharma)”

July 22th: Book Study: “Interconnected”, by Karmapa. Chapter 6: “Opening Heart and Mind”

July 29th: No 11 am program, but at Noon: Picnic at Town of Colonie Mohawk River Park, 71 Schermerhorn Rd, Cohoes, NY. Bring vegetarian food to share if you wish.

Tuesday Programs at 7 pm:

July 3rd: Green Tara Practice

July 10th: Chenrezik/Amitabha Practice

July 17th: Green Tara Practice

July 24nd: Chenrezik/Amitabha Practice

July 31th: Green Tara Practice

Thursday, July 26th: 7 pm: Phowa practice (qualified students only)

Saturday, July 7th: 10 am: Group Ngondro practice for those qualified . (If interested in starting this, please see Lama Zopa or email ktc.director@albanyktc.org)

Saturday, July 14th: 10 am to 12 pm and 2 to 4 pm : Dakpo Targyen class. Chapter 18.(continuing series in progress for those already registered. For more info, please see Lama Zopa or contact ktc.director@albanyktc.org)

Please Note: A donation of $5 by non-members for Sunday teachings is appreciated. This schedule is subject to change. For the latest information, please check (and subscribe to) our Google calendar here. Questions: ktc.director@albanyktc.org or (518) 966-7736