March 2019

Posted on February 27th, 2019 by Laura Roth

Sunday Practices at 9am: (45 minutes. Please arrive early…practice begins promptly.)

   March 3rd: Chenrezig

   March 10th: Medicine Buddha

   March 17th: Chenrezig

   March 24th: Medicine Buddha

Every Sunday at 10am: (45 minutes, followed by tea break) : Meditation: Shamatha (calm abiding), walking meditation, tonglen. ( Please arrive early…practice begins promptly.) Free meditation instruction is available.

Sunday Programs at 11am: (1 hour. Please arrive early…program begins promptly.)

   March 3rd: Laura Roth teaching: Four Dharmas of Gampopa

   March 10th: Lama Zopa teaching: What is the Nature of Mind?

   March 17th: Book Study: Interconnected, by Karmapa. Chapter 7, starting on p.140

   March 24th: Lama Zopa teaching: Who is Padmasambhava? Why is He Important? After the teaching, there will be an optional lunch out, then we will attend an exhibit on Padmasambhava at the Tang Museum at Skidmore (Saratoga Springs), arriving at 2pm. For more info, please contact

Tuesday Programs at 7pm:

   March 5th: Chenrezig/Amitabha Practice

   March 12th: Guru Rinpoche Tsok ( bring a snack food offering – setup starts at 6:30 pm )

   March 19th: Green Tara Practice

   March 26th: Chenrezig/Amitabha Practice

Thursday, March 7th at 7pm: Phowa practice (qualified students only)

Saturday Programs:

   March 9th: Dakpo Targyen Class: 10am and 2pm . Five Paths (Chapter 18)  (Continuing series in progress for those already registered. For more info, please contact

   March 16th: 10am : Ngondro practice (qualified students only)

Please Note: A donation of $5 by non-members for Sunday teachings is appreciated. This schedule is subject to change. For the latest information anytime (including cancellations), please see and subscribe to our Google calendar here .

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